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CBI Explained


A Citizenship by Investment (CBI or CIP) program offers you the opportunity to acquire a new or additional citizenship legally without a large amount of disruption and distraction to your daily life.

Citizenship by Investment can offer you the ability to travel more freely than with your existing nationality. This is a fundamental freedom that all global citizens should be able to enjoy.  


Top class education, higher levels of living, better environmental standards, social & political rights, are just some of the factors which citizenship by investment can offer you with global mobility, and thus lead to an improvement in your quality of life.


Freedom of political expression, safe countries without conflict or social disruption, acceptance of your and & your family’s way of life are democratic rights that all Global Citizens are afforded by citizenship by investment.


The opportunity and the freedom of your family to choose a type and top level of education that maybe not available to you with your current nationality is given to you with Global Mobility via citizenship by investment.

Financial planning, along with the opportunity to choose tax residence and regime, can greatly enhance your family's financial security throughout your life and for the life of your family. Additionally,  benefits such as no tax on worldwide income, exemption from capital gains tax, and other favorable tax provisions can further strengthen your financial position and ensure your family's lasting prosperity.

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