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Citizenship By
Investment Programs

We are a Government of Grenada authorized International Marketing agent

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In an increasingly interconnected world, individuals seeking to broaden their horizons often explore alternative avenues to secure international mobility, expand business prospects, and enjoy a high standard of living. Among the sought-after options available, Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIP) stand out as a compelling choice making them an attractive option for individuals aspiring to obtain a second passport and embrace new opportunities.

Our Experience

ATB is Canadian/Grenadian owned agency with over 15 years experience in real estate & resort development. We have been focusing on the Citizenship by Investment market since the program inception and bring a wealth of experience to the table.

Why us?

ATB has the highest personal and professional standards and has gained a local and international reputation for integrity, honesty and loyalty. We are with you through every step of the process to make this chapter as smooth and efficient as possible. Let our expertise and experience in specializing in CBI programs in the region work for you.

We have extensive knowledge and understand the intricacies of the CBI programs, including its benefits, requirements, and projected timelines.

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